A French language school for little learners

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A French School for bilingual children

We offer your children the opportunity to meet other French children and to follow a French curriculum specially adapted for bilingual learners and taught by qualified teachers. The lessons are aimed at primary school age children who have already begun learning to read and write in English.
Wednesday class, 4pm - 5pm.
Saturday class, 10am - 11.30.
At the Aspire Centre, 337 Merton Road, London. SW18 5JU.

A French School for everybody.

We offer classes for any children who are keen to learn French. The classes use songs, games and puppets to teach French in a fun and informal way with great results!
Wednesday class, 4pm - 4.45pm.
At the Aspire Centre, 337 Merton Road, London. SW18 5JU.

If you are interested in your child attending one of these classes please email info@lespetitschoux.org.uk with their name, age and a contact number.

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Petit Ecole FLAM in Southfields

We are a 'Petite Ecole FLAM' (Français LAngue Maternelle) meaning that we have been recognised by the Agency of French Teaching Abroad, AEFE (Agence Européenne du Français à l'étranger). Please click here for more information.

About us

Les Petits Choux is run by two Southfields mums – Emmanuelle and Deborah - who are both passionate about French. We are both DBS cleared (the new name for a CRB check) and already work with young children. Feel free to contact us by email, text, phone call – we're very friendly and would love to hear from you!

Emmanuelle Koeb

As a francophone mum of two young children, who follow the English curriculum, I became aware that my children needed more exposure to the French language.
A teacher myself, I wanted to offer my children and other bilingual families a French environment where children could progress and consolidate their French language skills.
I trained as an Early Years Practitioner in Switzerland. In 2000 I moved to London and completed an 'Honours Degree in Childhood Education' at 'London Metropolitan University'. I then taught for 6 years at 'Le Herisson School', a French bilingual school in London.
I completed a PGCE (Post Graduate Course in Education) at Roehampton University and obtained my QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) in 2007.
Since September 2008 I have been a part-time teacher at Streatham & Clapham High School, where I teach French from Nursery to year 6.

Deborah Koby

When I met my French husband at the age of 29 I struggled to remember anything of my school French. Luckily my husband speaks fluent English but his family don't, so I have had a long journey learning to converse with my in-laws and have made significant progress via a few evening classes and one immersion programme at l'Institut Francais! Once my children were born I became adamant that they would not have the same struggle learning French that I have had, however their main source of French is their Dad who is only available for French lessons at the weekends! And so Les Petits Choux was born.
I am a graduate of the University of Glasgow with an MA (Hons) in English Language. I was a BBC Production Trainee after that and spent many years working in TV on programmes such as Maestro! and Who Wants to be a Millionaire (I wrote the questions)! I am currently a volunteer for the new 'Learn to Love to Read' scheme which involves me helping Year 1 pupils read in local schools.

Les Petits Choux

What does it mean?

As well as meaning "little cabbages" and being a type of pastry, it is a term of endearment for people you like very much!

We thought it would be perfect for the little 'choux' who come to our classes!


To guarantee a place for your child we ask for the fees to be paid before the start of each term. Unfortunately, we will not be able to reimburse any missed lessons.
Terms are usually 10 weeks.
Bilingual classes:
£130 per term for an hour long lesson.
£190 per term for an hour and half long lesson plus one off £15 coursework material.
£110 per term for a 45 min lesson.

Autumn Term 2018:
19th Sept until 5th Dec 2018 (2 week half term: w/c 22th Oct and w/c 29th Oct) = 10 weeks.
Spring Term 2019:
9th Jan 2019 until 27th March 2019 (half term w/c 18th Feb 2019) = 11 weeks.
Summer Term 2019:
1st May 2019 until 10th July 2019 (half term w/c 27th May 2019) = 10 weeks.

We offer sibling discount, please get in touch with us.
For inscriptions made throughout the term it is possible to pay the number of weeks remaining in the Term.

Application Form

Please download an Application Form form below. Once filled in please email it back to us at info@lespetitschoux.org.uk
Inscription form

Useful Links

Being bilingual and learning another language is great for your brain!
Here are some links to why learning languages can boost your child's brainpower: